Who are we?

HobbyExport (B2B) originated from the B2C website www.dominomodel.com.


Dominomodel was always looking to buy directly from as many suppliers as possible, in order to be able to offer competitive prices to its B2C customers.

Following years of good contacts with foreign manufacturers, and experience in buying from non-EU countries, Dominomodel was able to buy more and more brands directly in the 2010s. Already in those early years of B2B service, we had several other European shops buying all these foreign brands from Dominomodel. 


Around the year 2011 we started to gradually split up our B2C and B2B activities, until in the year 2015 HobbyExport was made completely independent of Dominomodel, with its own bank account, billing system, stock and website.


Through the years the logic has been reversed, and now Dominomodel is a customer of HobbyExport (just like any other B2B customer). For the many questions that still arise: no, HobbyExport cannot touch the stock of Dominomodel, the different websites each have their own stock.